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Mellow's Astonia
Random Dungeons

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Gives good experience (based in Random Dungeon level (so the Continuity shrine in RD 10 will only give barely noticeable xp to a high level player, but a smaller player reaching the same continuity shrine could get enough xp to raise several skills). Continuity shrines must be done in correct order, starting with the one in RD 10, then RD 11, then RD 12 and so on. If you skip one or more Random dungeons, the continuity shrine will not work, instead it will give a message saying 'You must visit my little brother first' (or something similar).


Security shrines will grant an additional save to any characters with 3 or fewer saves remaining.


Shrines of Indecisiveness will remove 3 points from every skill, attribute and profession (in addition to profession points) and exchange those points for the experience they had cost. This allows the player to redistribute the xp spent on their skills to correct errors, re-adjust their abilities or simply change their mind on which spells or jobs to focus on. If a player has negative experience due to deaths, the xp will automaticly be applied to the negative xp first, with remaining xp (if any) available to be redistributed.


Living on the Edge (LOE)
These shrines remove all remaining saves and rewards your bravery with some experience. Whether the xp is worth the cost, is debatable by many.

LOE shrines are also the first step in a series, for those seeking the 'bravery' title, followed by the Death shrine and Bravery shrine (in that order).


Bribery shrines will take gold from your character and exchange it for experience. The gold taken has a preset maximum limit for each specific Bribery shrine, which increases depending on the dungeon number. The amount these shrines take, will not exceed what is carried on the character when they touch the shrine, and the experience rewarded will be based on the amount of gold taken. It is best not to use bravery shrines unless you are carrying at least the maximum gold that the shrine will take... any less would be a waste of a good shrine.


A shrine of Welding will take a random* stat from one item you are wearing, and apply it to another. * There are several methods to control which stat is moved from one item to another (for details, see 'Welding')


Jobless shrines will remove your characters jobs and leave the profession points to be re-spent on different (or the same) professions. The Jobless shrine does not, however, replace the gold spent to learn the professions, so be sure to bank some gold before using a jobless shrine.


Vitality shrines award +5 mana or HP to the character.


Death awards death... You die instantly, no saves... you reappear at a restore (blue) square, and must tell the Aprentice (guy who you asked to create the dungeon) to destroy the dungeon in order for your corpse to be teleported to the floor outside of the dungeon, so you can retrieve your posessions.

After getting rid of saves through an LOE shrine, then dying to a 'Death' shrine, go get your 'Bravery' title from the Bravery shrine.


RD Shrines

10: Continuity,  Security

11: Continuity,  Indecisiveness

12: Continuity

13: Continuity,  LOE

14: Continuity

15: Continuity,  Bribery (200g)

16: Continuity

17: Continuity

18: Continuity,  Welding

19: Continuity

20: Continuity,  Jobless

21: Continuity,  Kindness (non-pk)

22: Continuity,  Bribery (750g)

23: Continuity

24: Continuity,  Indecisiveness

25: Continuity

26: Continuity,  LOE

27: Continuity,  Welding

28: Continuity

29: Continuity,  Security

30: Continuity,  Vitality

31: Continuity

32: Continuity,  Welding

33: Continuity

34: Continuity,  Bribery ( )

35: Continuity

36: Continuity,  LOE

37: Continuity,  Death

38: Continuity,  Indecisiveness

39: Continuity

40: Continuity

41: Continuity,  Security

42: Continuity,  LOE

43: Continuity,  Indecisiveness

44: Continuity

45: Continuity,  Jobless

46: Continuity,  Welding

47: Continuity,

48: Continuity,  Bribery (6k)

49: Continuity

50: Continuity

51: Continuity,  Braveness (death first)

52: Continuity,  Welding

53: Continuity

54: Continuity,  Bribery (7k)

55: Continuity,  Kindness

56: Continuity

57: Continuity,  Indecisiveness

58: Continuity,  Security

59: Continuity,  LOE

60: Continuity

61: Continuity,  Jobless

62: Continuity,  Welding

63: Continuity

64: Continuity

65: Continuity

66: Continuity,  LOE

67: Continuity,  Bribery ( )

68: Continuity

69: Continuity,  Security

70: Continuity

71: Continuity

72: Continuity,  Welding

73: Continuity

74: Continuity,  LOE

75: Continuity,  Security

76: Continuity,  Indecisiveness

77: Continuity

78: Continuity,  Bribery (?)

79: Continuity

80: Continuity

81: Continuity,  Welding

82: Continuity,  Jobless

83: Continuity,  Indecisiveness

84: Continuity

85: Continuity,  Security

86: Continuity

87: Continuity

88: Continuity,  LOE

89: Continuity

90: Continuity

91: Continuity,  LOE

92: Continuity

93: Continuity,  Bribery (?)

94: Continuity,  Security

95: Continuity,

96: Continuity,  Indecisiveness

97: Continuity,  Jobless

98: Continuity,  Welding

99: Continuity,  Jobless, Yendor