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Mellow's Astonia
PK Zone

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Welcome to the Player Killer Page!
Question & Answers:
Q: What is a Playerkiller?
A: A Playerkiller is someone who kills other players for their eq.
Q: How do I kill someone?
A: First you have to be in a +3 or -3 level range...then you have to type /hate <playersname>

Rodney Items:
  Rodney Items can be found each day in the sewers. As you search you must kill rats to do so. They give you directions to find them in a grate. They spawn once every 24hrs. They are a quest item. There are 3 different items and the mods on them differ to each race. Their mods are always max to what your lvl can wear.

Rings: (Warrior/Seyan)
Attack +1-13
Parry  +1-13

Rings: (Mage)
Magic Shield +1-13
Lightning +1-13
Ammulets: (All Races)
Immunity +1-13

Ruby's Weapons:
  You have to do her quests to receive them. However they are excellent weapons that have two stats. They are quest items and cannot be enhanced in any way.
I need to find out what exact mods you can get, but when i find out I will post it here.
Creeper's Belt:
   You must get the chest at the end of Death Run in the creepers area under the park. You will probably want some help getting it if your lower lvl than 15. You can enhance it with either gold units, silver units,  orbs and welds. It is a quest it

+4 Imm

Nook's Hat:
  It is a quest item you get near the beginning of the game. It has no mods but can be enhanced with welds and orbs. Tired of people taking your stuff? try this. :)


What are the signs before a PKer's name?
  Well they state the status of the PKers.

+ sign before their name means that they are withing your range to PK.
++ sign before their name means that you have them on your hate list but they don't
x means that they hate you but you dont hate them
xx means that both you and the other PKer hate each other.
- sign means that they are out out your PK range.

Note: When you hate list changes it does take time for it to show. So be careful and assume nothing.

Some PK commands:
/hate         -   allows you to attack another PKer
/clearhate -   clears your hate list
    -   takes that player off your hate list
/who          -   shows you all the players near you
/listhate     -   lists all PKer's on your hate list

Where is it safe?
  Well in Aston or Cameron it is a safe zone.  ITo check out the area, right-click the area and see if it says it's a peaceful zone. A peaceful area is a safe area. Again,,, I stress be careful and not assume as some surprising places are not safe.

Can I send someone to get my stuff if i get killed as a PKer?
Yes you can /allow another player to get your stuff. However they cannot retrieve quest items.
Popular PKing Areas:
Aston(Near Pents), Aston (Near Mines/RD's)
What is Playerkilling?
   Playkilling is when you decide you want to compete against other players. A Playerkiller can only kill another Playerkiller -/+ 3 lvls from the lvl of the Playerkiller.

How do I go PK?
  You must first type /playerkiller then follow the instructions that follow that command.

Why can't I go PK?
  You have to pay to play to be able to go PK. This is to prevent people from taking advantage of the game system.

Can other PKer's take my stuff?
  In a nutshell, yes they can. However they cannot take Quest Items. I have provided a list of some nice quest items in the previous page.

How do I attack another PKer?
  You have to type the command /hate <name> to be able to attack them. There is an auto function that when a PKer is attacked by another not on his hate list the victim automatically has the attacker on hate.

How do I get blessed as a PKer?
  Well a PKer can't be healed by another player to avoid interference. Neither can they be blessed with anyone on hate. However if you clear your hate list you may be blessed.

What is a PK Gang. Or an alliance?
  A PK gang is a group of PKer's that have united together. An alliance is a truce between two Pker's of fightable lvl's. Both alliance's and PK Gang's mean that they have taken either each other or only a specific person off hate so they can fight together without killing each other.