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Mellow's Astonia
The Spider Queen Quest

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The Spider Queen - Level 35

Continuing along the swamp path leading past the route to the king you will enter the Forest. A short distance into it an Imp will appear and mutter some silly line before disappearing. Head through the forest openings northwards and you will encounter a small outpost, consisting of a small shop, a teleporter, and a big axe wielding man named William.

William will tell you of how the Imp has asked you to perform a task, bear killing. Follow William's directions and go massacre some big bears. After you have killed 20 or so the Imp will pop in and babble a bit before disappearing again. Wander your way back to William, and he will tell you of how he likes Mantis soup, and how he would like you to acquire a mantis' shell for him. Again, follow his directions till you meet one, defeat it, take it's shell, then go back to the outpost and give it to William.

You will then have to seek out an old Hermit somewhere in the woods, his house is easily to identify once you stumble across it. He will tell you of a great evil lurking in the woods. Head south from the Hermit's house and you should find a ruin with high level skeletons in it. Ignore this place for now. Head further south until you encounter an barrier of trees. Follow it to the east until you encounter a forest circle, similar to what you seen in the swamps. Perform the same old routine, wait till midnight and kill anything in the circle. This should now leave you with a holy +44 weapon. This will be needed to kill the Spider Queen. Head back to the skeleton ruins and head west until you notice a change in the trees and the entrance to the spider lair.

The Imp should appear and give you a warning about needing a holy weapon to kill the Queen, but you will already have seen to that so go in and head down the path of trees leading southwest. Defeat the Queen and take her head back to the Hermit. Along the way the Imp should appear and tell you of how to get the treasure he ranted on about when you first met him upon entering the forest. After resting at the house of the hermit, head back to the outpost and buy yourself a shovel. Go back to the ruins below the hermit's house. In there you will see, in the bottom right corner, a table, with a hole in the middle, walk to this hole and click on the shovel, and you shall fall down into a new area. Explore this place and collect the goods. By the way, the walls here are not that stong.