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Mellow's Astonia
The Second Vampire Lord Quest

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The Second Vampire Lord - Level 24

Upon returning to Sir Jones he will tell you of another, much stronger lord to be dealt with. Go back to the first vampire lord's room and kill him again. Approach the wall in the bottom left corner of his lair.

Walk through the wall. You have now entered a maze full of small rooms each with a strong vampire in it. Weave your way through the maze. Eventually you shall appear in a long corridor leading northeast, with a door on each wall, and another door leading along the passage. Turn stealth on and wander towards the end of the corridor. The final room holds six vampires. If they don't spot you, ignore them for now and take a few steps back into the corridor. Now enter the southern most room of the final section of the corridor, where you should find four vampires and a coffin.

Once the vampires have been defeated, look in the coffin and get the Dagger of the Falcon. Now head back into the final room and defeat the vampires there. Read the book and it will say how the second lord is vulnerable to the Falcon Dagger. Look at each of the graves in order of left to right. Take the door on the far right wall and wander through the maze of spike traps to the end of this passage. Next you will have to go through room after room of four vampires each. Be fast or the previous room's vampires will respawn and surround you. Eventually, you will come to a lonely corridor. Equip the Falcon Dagger. I know it has low damage but it will do the trick. Head into the one and only door you are yet to investigate. Open up the final door and land one blow on the Vampire Lord to send him into the great beyond. You can retrace your steps through the building to the entrance, use a recall scroll, or go back to the safety of the lonely corridor and lag out. Sir Jones does not give any additional reward for this quest.