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Mellow's Astonia
The First Vampire Lord Quest

Astonia v3 Home

The First Vampire Lord - Level 22

If you feel strong enough, head to the house to the left of Kelly's where you shall find a man named Thomas. He will tell you his master has something to talk to you about. Head into the back room to find Sir Jones, who will inform you of strange goings on in the graveyard. Accept his quest and head to the cemetery in the northern section of Aston. Go into the building and down the hole into the crypt. Avoid walking in front of the gargoyle heads here, they shoot fire which will get you killed very quickly. Beware of spikes in the floor as well. These will be noticable by black dots on the floor. Weave your way from room to room in the first section and you shall find several books describing the vampire lord, and his liable weaknesses. At the far left of the first section you will find rows of coffins. Going from the information in one of the books, search the odd one out and take the first part of the sun amulet.

Now find the door with a sun marking on either side of it. Along the lower wall here you will find a large room with two ponds, two fire traps, and two vampires. Defeat the vampires and proceed to the door at the lower corner of the room. Here face the pools as best you can, and shift click on them, you will catch fire. The flames should be put out before they cause that much damage. Approach the coffin here and take the second section of the Sun amulet, then head back to the main corridor, and search out the next door with sun markings. Weave your way through the next trapped passage into another line of doors, ignore this section and proceed through the next sun door.

Now you should arrive in a large hall with a pool in it, and a door leading off to the left. Proceed through the door and prepare to face the Level 24 Vampire Lord. Once you have killed him, hurry to the coffin to take the third part of the sun amulet. Assemble the amulet fully and put it around your neck, then wait for the lord to respawn. Kill him again while wearing the amulet to receive full credit for defeating him. Then head back to Sir Jones.