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Mellow's Astonia
The Moonies Quest

Astonia v3 Home

The Moonies - Level 20

Once Kelly has finished telling you about the war in the underground, go into the large white building located below the blue squares and seek out Gerassimo. He will inform you he has lost some rather important notes. Head out of his house and into the garden with the telescope. There is a hole there leading down to the moonish caverns. Once there, first head southeast, and you shall find a room filled with small spiders. Kill two of them and take their bodies. Use stealth to avoid large encounters. Next head across the long passageway to the left, then hug the outer wall and head down. When you cannot travel down any further, proceed to the right until you come to a long corridor leading upwards. Head into the second door on the right. You should see two Moonie Elites guarding a door. Now take your spiders from before and place them on the floor a fair way away from the two guards, but so they can see them. The guards will run to the spiders and sit to eat them. Wander past them and open up the room which should contain three or four moonies, one of which shall have the notes you need. Return to Gerassimo.