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Mellow's Astonia
Loisan's House Quest

Astonia v3 Home

Loisan's House - Level 11

Now is the time to use the key that Logain gave you. Head to the door located just below and to the right of the Tavern entrance. Walk in front of the next door and prepare for a tricky little fight with three skeletons. When they are dealt with head down the ladder into Zombie

Use stealth because there are a number of nasty junctions where groups of Zombies can surround you. Proceed through the winding corridors and make sure you search each zombie's body, you want to get a large stash of zombie skulls for the next part of the quest. Continue weaving through this area until you reach Zombie

Here you want to hug the right hand wall, hold shift and hover your cursor over the wall and a white section will appear. Click here to open a secret door into a small room containing a ladder and a book. Read the book and head on up the ladder. You will find yourself in Aston. Head out the door and follow the street east till you find Seymour.

Seymour will tell you of how things have come to pass and ask your assistance in investigating Loisan. When he has finished talking hand him one of the skulls you have collected. He will then tell you the next part of the quest, to find a Silver Skull. Head back into the house you came out of and go back down the ladder. You now want to explore Zombie 2, while collecting more skulls along the way. Eventually you will find a four way junction that is heavily guarded. Deal with the zombies and continue westwards. You will find a large room with three shrines and a corpse. Ignore the corpse for now and stand in front of the gray shrine. You now need to give your zombie skulls to it and hope you receive a Silver Skull. You will collect a large amount of torches and potions while doing this. If you do not receive a Silver Skull you will have to go through the area again and collect more regular skulls. Once you have a Silver Skull go and examine the corpse. You will find a note. Return to Seymour and give him the Silver Skull and the note.

There are keys found on Zombies in secret rooms throughout the zombie areas. These keys will open the chests within these rooms. There are a total of four rooms, each holding a ring within a chest.