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Mellow's Astonia
Reskin's Request Quest

Astonia v3 Home

Reskin's Request - Levels 9 & 10

When Logain has finished talking to you Reskin will seek your attention. Listen to what he has to say then click between the barrels to walk through a false wall. Approach Astruin and he will call several weak guards who are fairly easy. Head into the back room and go down the ladder into the Thieves' Guild. From here first explore the west door, then all rooms past the south door. When you have killed and looted everyone, head back to the eastern door by the ladder. Proceed through the next two rooms so you are in a long corridor leading south. In the west facing door is the first Guild Assassin. These assassins are very strong. Explore inside the room to find another assassin. Back to the long corridor and through the south door is another corridor having two rooms, each with an assassin. The south door leads to a room holding two assassins, so be careful and use your potions. When the pair are dead, head out the room by the west door and head into the second door on the south wall to find the Guild Master. Defeat him and get a key.Use the key on the chests in the surrounding rooms. Return to Reskin for reward.