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Mellow's Astonia
Mad Knights Quest

Astonia v3 Home

Mad Knights - Levels 8 & 9

After giving the Recipe to Guiwynn, Logain should start to talk to you. Take the key he gives you and head to the entrance of the Brotherhood of Knights. It lies opposite the entrance to order of Mages. Head left and use these four rooms as a guide to how strong you are against the knights then head back to the first room and take the north door. Search the four side rooms for a key. Use the key on the northern door. Past the next north facing door are three knights, so make sure your prepared to defeat them. Now stand in front of the west door and turn stealth on. There are six knights waiting in there. Open the door to lure out the first two. A few steps more will lure out the next two. Return to normal mode and finish off the final pair. Loot the bodies to find a key to the east door. Enter that room and kill the final knight who has a note. Take the note to Logain.