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Mellow's Astonia
Mad Mages Quest

Astonia v3 Home

Mad Mages - Levels 7 & 8

Talk to Guiwynn in the Tavern. Then head right from the Tavern and go through the door on the south wall to enter the Order of Mages. Go through all the rooms in this corridor to find a key to the next section. In the room on the north wall are two mages. One of these will have a Happiness Potion. Take it to Guiwynn. She will ask you to find a Recipe. Go back to the Order. From the room with two mages head north first and clear out the next four rooms collecting another key. Go back to the room with two mages and exit through the east door to a small garden. Go through the south to another room with two mages. Defeat them and the other mage in the adjoining room to find another key. Go to the east door in the garden. Through this door is a long corridor of rooms. Run through all rooms on the east to collect the final key. Stand in front of the north western door and turn on stealth. Now open the door without walking in and you should not be noticed. Take one step forward then back out of the room. This should get the attention of the first two mages. They will come into the corridor, defeat them, then repeat for the final two. Search their bodies for the Recipe and get the treasure. Return to the Tavern.