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Mellow's Astonia
Nook's Request Quest

Astonia v3 Home

Nook's Request - Level 6

After you have talked to Gwendylon go stand next to Nook and he will tell you of how he came to lose his cap. You can wait by the teleporter to the north until midnight so you can follow a robber back to the hideout. Or you can go search in the woods for the hideout yourself. It is located in the south eastern part of the woods down a hole. Once inside proceed to search through the rooms until you find the robber holding the cap. When you get to the room with the chests, use a wall torch there and gain entrance to more treasure.There is a key on a robber to the south of the ladder. You don't really need this key, but it allows you into the area with the treasure chests. In the room with the treasure chests is a secret area. Hold shift and click on the torch and a door will open leading to a room with three chests. Just hold shift and click on the torch inside to get out.