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Mellow's Astonia
Getting Started

Astonia v3 Home

Here is what it will look like when you start out:


1.When you start off you will see James he will give you your first mission.
2. If you are a warrior notice the treasure chests in the corner, to open them press (Shift+Left Click) and open all of them. When you hit about lvl 2-3 go to Fred, north of the city and buy new warrior armor skill lvl 1-mithril/sword.
3. If your a mage you dont need any items at the beginning of the game since you use magic. When you get more experience, you will be able to upgrade magic to get more armor.
4. Go to the robbers west of Cameron..just walk out and turn left basically.
5. Go kill and search the bodies (Shift+Left Click). One will have a key go furture in and you will find a chest. Open it and go back out and follow the path to the other building and search it you will find a person and then give it to her. Congratulations! You just beat your first mission in Cameron!
Mods: Required Level:
+1 2
+2 3
+3 5
+4 10
+5 15
+6 17
+7 20
+8 23
+9 26
+10 30 (Arch)
+11 33 (Arch)
+12 36 (Arch)
+13 40 (Arch)
+14 43 (Arch)
+15 46 (Arch)
+16 50 (Arch)
+17 53 (Arch)
+18 56 (Arch)
+19 60 (Arch)
+20 63 (Arch)